Webinar Host
Elani Kay is the creator and founder of Star Parents and is known for being a transformational life coach. She is a Mommager and Mother of 3 young boys. Her oldest son is a successful 10 year old working SAG-AFTRA actor. Register for this incredible webinar and learn the secrets you are missing out on now!

  • How I successfully moved my 3 boys and I to Hollywood to pursue my son’s acting career and how he booked his first National commercial in the first six months.
  • How I manage the lives of my 3 sons as well as my own and run a business. 
  • The techniques and tools I use to handle being a Mommager. 
  • Even I didn’t think I could successfully run a business as a single Mother and manage my son’s acting career. 
  • I know you’re skeptical, and you should be. But the results speak for themselves – I really did get my son signed with an agent in Los Angeles, move to Southern California, and start working for an Entertainment Company all in less than a year. 
  • Not only have I succeeded in being a Mommager, I’ve helped many other families in exactly your situation get representation and start booking jobs! 
  • Back in 2014, I wanted more than anything to feel like I knew what I was doing and feel confident and organized like I could do it all, but I struggled to find clarity and confidence. 
  • At one point I was in a very dark place in my personal life. I had been trying to find peace in my personal life so it wouldn’t affect my responsibilities as a Mom and a Mommager. I was overwhelmed and getting discouraged that after so much effort my son seemed to not be booking any jobs. After I realized that I could coach myself through it all, I immediately started seeing results!
  • I only started seeing results once I realized I’d been tricked by so called experts in the entertainment industry. A lie that kept me from actually helping my son get legitimate work. Once you’ve fallen into traps like these, it becomes difficult to trust people in the industry again. 
  • After my breakthrough everything was suddenly easy. I stopped struggling with waiting and seeing no results, I stopped feeling overwhelmed, we stopped having “freak-outs” and my family and I have never been happier! 
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